Stay open to messages from spirit. If you have not developed your abilities to receive messages from your guides and your helpers, now is the time to develop that skill. You don’t have to get anxious about it, and you don’t need years of training for that to become a skill. You just need to be able to get into a quiet, alert, and receptive state of mind and be willing to listen. This is a time when each individual will be highly guided into the situations and places that are right for him or her. This is a time to learn how to follow that guidance. Everyone will be told where to go and what to do if they are open and receptive to guidance. Being open and receptive is literally a survival skill during this particular era.

Think of your mind like a baseball catcher’s mitt, open and ready to “catch” messages from spirit. You will find that completed thoughts or inspirations will actually drop into a receptive mind quite suddenly. You might not know where they are coming from, but they make total sense. Don’t try to figure it out. This is still uncharted territory in the human consciousness. It will be mapped in the new paradigm when humanity gets there and begins to develop educational structures for these sorts of things. That mapping has begun and you can find metaphysical and self help books in the bookstores if you want to learn what has already been discovered about this process. However, it isn’t necessary for you to understand the mechanics of how receiving messages from guidance works. All that is necessary is that you quickly adapt to tuning in to these other senses and use them to the best of your ability.

Don’t worry. You’re a natural at this! You have spent many lifetimes knowing how to listen to guidance, even if you are not conscious of those lifetimes or the experiences of those realities. The skills will re-emerge for you as bleed-throughs from other times when you had experience with this come through. You have an innate knowing of how to pick up on what you are being given from spirit.

Learn how to know what to look for. Guides send messages in multitudes of ways. Each individual receives messages a little differently. The guides know how to deliver them in a way that each individual will be able to receive them. Guides are learning too, and sometimes they don’t get the message to you on the first try, especially if you are not receptive in that moment or you are a beginner at these endeavors, but they will try many angles and ways until you get adapted to specific ways that work for you. They will find what works for you, and so will you.

Very rarely do messages come as audio sentences that you can hear the way you hear someone speaking. Most of the time messages are delivered as images, feelings and ideas. A guide will drop into your mind something that might even seem like an original thought to you, as if it came from within your own consciousness. Learn what your most receptive mechanisms are and develop them.

If you are a visual person, develop your abilities in interpreting and seeing with your inner vision. If you are a sensing kind of person, learn how to develop your abilities in picking up energy and feeling energy. If you are a mentally active person, learn how to soften the mental body so that clear messages can come in as thoughts without the mind getting in the way. If you are an emotional person, learn how to use your emotions as steering mechanisms and “feeling” if something is right for you or not. You will know. If the emotions feel good if it is right for you. If it feels bad emotionally it is probably not a good choice.

Sometimes the guides simply bring you opportunities or the right people who you are supposed to meet. Learn how to recognize opportunities and people who will help you achieve what it is that you want to achieve. It is more common than not that opportunities are missed simply because you didn’t recognize them when they showed up. This makes it difficult for the guides to keep trying to get these opportunities to you because it takes quite some doing, even a lot of time depending on the situation, to get these opportunities to manifest, materialize, and find you so that they can present themselves to you.

Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers, even if they might not be someone you would likely think would become part of your life. If they come to you and present an opportunity, it may be that guidance is sending them to you. This is a time when many people will come together to work on mutual goals and plans. Learn how to be receptive to new people, even if it seems strange that they show up in your life. Learn how to determine if these people are part of a new path you are to be taking. Sometimes they are actually only there to help you make a connection with yet another person who will then become someone you hook up with in order to organize something in your life.

Sometimes new people are just there to deliver you information, even if they don’t even know that is why they are there. Pay attention to what they are saying and look for “clues” that are being sent to you from spirit. Sometimes just the simple timing of certain information or a sentence or two, a chance encounter, is there for inspiration if you get a little disoriented, discouraged, or confused. Guides communicate to you through other people quite often. Did you ever wonder about the synchronicity of things? Did you ever wonder who writes this stuff called life? Sometimes it is so “right on” or synergistic that you have to wonder if someone is scripting it all!

Being open to guidance is one of the determining factors that will get you into the right location, situation, or give you necessary information at the right time. Don’t wonder if the guides are there. They are. They are just as real as you are, if you actually consider yourself real, being the dream character in God’s imagination that you are.

Be open to the unseen forces who are here to help you. They too have a part to play in the paradigm shift. Just as there are dark energies who are interacting with and influencing individuals within humanity, there are also loving energies who are here to interact with humanity during this era.

Being in the physical form was not the only way that a being could serve in the paradigm shift. It was known from the beginning that spiritual guidance and spiritual influences would be needed for those in the physical so there are a high number of participants who specifically signed up for that part of the work. It is very specified work, just like coming here and being a human during the paradigm shift is, and these guides have different areas of expertise and
experience that they bring to contribute and use in their own efforts to raise the consciousness of humanity and help physical humans stay alive on the planet since there will be some challenges concerning those sorts of things in the near future. Guides are still coming and many positions are open on the spiritual planes to serve in this way.

Learn how to determine if specific guides are “on your side” or not, too. Not all spirit beings are here to help you. Some are specifically here to confuse you, misguide you, or thwart your efforts. In a way, if you could call it this, there is a battle for souls on the Earth plane right now. Each side, the dark and the light, are trying to enlist as many participants as possible in their respective sides of the battle, so to speak. I use the word battle loosely, though, because there is no battle, really. All that is happening is that each individual is choosing which kind of future he or she wants.

There is some speculation as to whether both the bright future and the dark future will manifest, each attaining  their  own  equal  version  of  Earth  reality  for humans, since consciousness is not limited to only one “official” version of the Earth. The souls that have chosen and match the future they want to be part of will be allowed to move into those realities freely when the split happens. That would mean there is no battle for souls, it is a free choice that each soul is allowed to make.

There is also speculation that only one future gets to be the “official” version that manifests, and the other never happens. If that is true then maybe there literally is a battle for the Earth arena between the two dualities and whoever gets the most souls enlisted wins.

I don’t know which speculation is correct, anything can happen when it comes to God’s imagination, anything is possible. What I do know is that we as an individual must choose between one or the other, fear or love, and whichever one we choose to align with and develop ourselves for is the one you will move into. Whether or not it manifests physically has yet to be seen. That is not important in the moment. What is important now is to choose and then allow
yourself to be influenced by the guidance that goes along with that choice so that you can find your way there.

There are spirit influences from both sides, the dark and the light, fear and love, and you must choose wisely which types of guidance you want to be influenced by. Just the same way that you pick your friends on the Earth, that is the same way you will pick your friends in spirit. The ones you pick are ones that match your energy well.

How do you determine if the guidance you are receiving is guidance you want to follow? Just see how it feels. It is actually very simple. If you feel good when you receive guidance from a certain entity, influence or energy, then that is a guide that you want to work with, one that matches you. If you feel bad, weird or tired around certain guidance, or uncertain and doubtful as to its intentions, then that means that guide or guidance is not energy you want to align yourself with.

Remember,  there  will  be  tricksters  who  pose as a loving guide from the light, but do not be fooled by appearances. You will always know with your heart what is true. The heart is always wiser than the mind. The mind is always the last to get it. Make sure you follow your heart and you will always be on the right path influenced by energies you are aligned with.